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The best-in-class data security for your store—your data is stored safely in our cloud. Let worrying about data loss be a thing of the past. From vital product data to themes, collections, and blogs, everything is seamlessly and instantly backed up. We've got your data covered, hassle-free!

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"This app is user friendly and effective. I recently started to use it for my Shopify store and I am happy with its seamless functionality and great customer service. Highly recommended!"
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"Last night I accidentally deleted 17 blog posts in my soon-to-be-open Shopify store. Thankfully I still have access to them but it made me think about all the work I had put into setting up my store and how much I risked losing.
Matters Of My Mind
New Zealand

Frequently Asked Questions

What data can I export as CSV from my Shopify store?

Currently, you can export Products, Collections, Customers, Orders, Blogs, Articles, and Pages. You can export all of them in a CSV file or choose the items (i.e., Products, orders, blogs, etc.) you want to export.

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Do I need to export my data as an additional backup option?

Yes, exporting your data as an additional backup option safeguards your store’s privacy. We recommend exporting CSV versions of your backups, especially after making significant changes in the store. As a rule of thumb, it is recommended to export and download your backups every week for safekeeping.

There is no automated download option.

Do keep in mind that each plan allows a limited number of exports (except Plus Plan users, who get unlimited exports per month). Kindly check out the number of CSV exports available per month here.

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How can I import data from a CSV file to Shopify?

Merchants can import data back into Shopify using the built-in import feature. You can go to the ‘Products’ section on your admin dashboard. On your screen, you will see the ‘Import’ button. You can drop your CSV file here.

Furthermore, users can manually edit the files if required outside the app once the CSV has been downloaded.

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Is exporting my data as CSV secure?

Yes, your data is backed up on our cloud servers and can be exported to different platforms (to expand marketing channels or simply to store data from your store). Our app has been designed to safeguard your data from corrupt malpractices, data loss, or cyber threats.

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Can I export data from specific time periods, or is it always the entire dataset?

Yes, Goshu allows you to export specific data from a specific time period to be exported as a CSV file.

To do this, simply navigate to the Goshu app on your store. You will find the ‘Advanced Features’ tab on the bottom left. Click on it. Now click on the ‘Export as CSV’ button.

You can now select the items you want to include in your file (products, collections, customers, etc.), or you can select all of them.

Once you scroll lower, you can name your file and then pick the date and time you want your product data.

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Is there a limit on how much data I can export in a CSV file?

Yes, Shopify has set the limit of 15MB per file for products and inventory and 1MB for customer data. However, you need not worry about the size, as each CSV file has over 65,000 cells for storing data.

Moreover, for an average-sized store, a CSV file with all the data will barely be over 5MB (even less if it only contains a select few items).

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